The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association

                                               Lilac City Chapter
                                           Spokane, Washington
      The Lilac City Chapter continues as an active and visible presence in the community.  
                                             2010-2011 photos are below:      
Observing the "Hometown Heroes" theme of National Pie Day (January 23), a Spokane
bakery owner presents apple pies to seven of the region's Pearl Harbor Survivors.

Seated:  Charlie Boyer (NAS Kaneohe);  Standing, from left:  Denis Dipo (Cyrus O'Leary's Pies), Betty
Schott (NAS Ford Island), John S. "Sid" Kennedy (NAS Kaneohe), Hoyt "Bud" Colburn (USS Rigel),
Ray Daves (CinCPac/Submarine Base), Warren Schott (NAS Ford Island), Denis Mikkelsen (USS West
Virginia).  Spokane, Washington, January 9, 2010.  Photo by Tony Lamanna.

                           Spokesman Review newspaper article
The Lilac City Chapter includes spouses, children, and friends of Pearl Harbor Survivors.   

Front row, from left:  (civilian) Survivor Betty Schott, Survivor Charlie Boyer, Rayma Daves, Survivor Ray
Daves, Survivor Warren Schott, Vina Mikkelsen.  Back row, from left:  Survivor Sid Kennedy, Bob Wilkinson,
Survivor Bud Colburn, Tony Lamanna,
Radioman author Carol Edgemon Hipperson , Cindy Hval, Survivor
Denis Mikkelsen, Ralph Virene.  Spokane, Washington.  January 9, 2010.  Photo by Paula Gates.  

                                   Pearl Harbor Survivors, Lilac City Chapter

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By Act of Congress--signed into law by President Obama on December 22, 2010--the air traffic control tower
at Spokane International Airport is named for the
Radioman, Ray Daves, pictured above with Congresswoman
Cathy McMorris Rodgers.   February 25, 2011, Spokane, Washington.  Photo by Ralph Virene.  

(Above article appeared in "The Gram," a publication of the national Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Inc.)
Pearl Harbor Survivors Warren and Betty Schott (NAS Ford Island) celebrated their 73rd
wedding anniversary with family and friends in Spokane, Washington, April 2011.  
The Radioman himself, Pearl Harbor Survivor
Ray Daves (CinCPac/Submarine Base), joins
the Lilac City Chapter in the staging area for
the annual Armed Forces Day Parade.  
Spokane, Washington, May 21, 2011.
Four from the Lilac City Chapter attend dedication ceremonies for a new Memorial to Fallen Veterans.  
From left, associate member Ralph Virene accompanies Survivor Bill Merz (Schofield Barracks), Survivor
Denis Mikkelsen (USS West Virginia) and his wife, Vina Mikkelsen.  
                         May 29, 2011, Spokane, Washington.   Photo by Fay Virene.
June 10, 2011:  Pearl Harbor Survivors Warren and Betty Schott (NAS Ford Island) and author Carol
Edgemon Hipperson remember their friendship with the Radioman, Ray Daves (June 1, 1920-June 3, 2011).  
Trinity Baptist Church, Spokane, Washington.  Photo by Ralph Virene.