The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association

                                              Lilac City Chapter
                                          Spokane, Washington
Radioman:  An Eyewitness Account of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific resulted from a series of 25
four-hour interviews with Ray Daves, a charter member of this chapter since 1963.   But, as stated in the book's
Acknowledgments, author
Carol Edgemon Hipperson credits the entire membership for their expert advice and
counsel while the book was in progress.  She has been an honorary member of the Lilac City Chapter since 2004.      
From left:  Vina Mikkelsen, Survivor Ray Daves (CinCPac/Submarine
Base), Survivor Denis Mikkelsen (USS West Virginia), Survivor Dale
Magnus (USS Cummings).  Spokane, Washington; March 24, 2010.  
                  Photo by Ralph Virene.    
The Lilac City Chapter of Pearl Harbor Survivors continues to meet monthly for
lunch and fellowship in Spokane, Washington.       

In keeping with their national motto , “Remember Pearl Harbor”, they also accept
invitations to share their memories of December 7, 1941, with younger Americans.  
Nine Pearl Harbor Survivors view 1941 photos of themselves during their appearance as guest teachers for
10th grade classes at Oaks Classical Christian Academy.  Spokane, Washington; March 24,2010.  

From left:  Survivor Dale Magnus (USS Cummings), Jean Flechel, Vina Mikkelsen, Survivor Bud
Colburn (USS Rigel), Survivor Warren Schott (NAS Ford Island), civilian survivor Betty Schott (NAS
Ford Island), Beverly Garland, Survivor Ray Garland (USS Tennessee), Survivor Denis Mikkelsen (USS
West Virginia), Survivor Charlie Boyer (NAS Kaneohe), Survivor Ray Daves (Submarine Base), Rayma
Daves, Survivor Sid Kennedy (NAS Kaneohe).    Photo by Ralph Virene.  
Pearl Harbor Survivors fan out among the tables for individual conversations with students over lunch
at Oaks Classical Christian Academy, Spokane, Washington; March 24,2010.  

At center left, Survivor Charlie Boyer (NAS Kaneohe) autographs a copy of Radioman.  Behind him, at
far left is Survivor Denis Mikkelsen (USS West Virginia).  At yellow table is Survivor Ray Daves
(Submarine Base).  In foreground is Jean Flechel, widow of Survivor Curt Flechel (NAS Ford Island)
and Survivor Dale Magnus (USS Cummings).  Photo by Ralph Virene.  
Author Carol Edgemon Hipperson, flanked by Pearl Harbor Survivors, reads Chapter 8 of Radioman
("The Attack on Pearl Harbor").  Naval Operations Support Center, Spokane, Washington.
                         December 5, 2009, photo by Faye Virene.  
A standing-room only crowd on the drill deck of the Naval Operations Support Center attends the  
author's reading of
Radioman, Chapter 8, in the presence of the Lilac City Chapter of Pearl Harbor
Survivors.  Spokane, Washington; December 5, 2009.   Photo by Faye Virene.  

                                   Pearl Harbor Survivors, Lilac City Chapter

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