Radioman: An Eyewitness Account of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific

                                      Chapter 2.  "Joining the Navy"  

                     Bonus Photos--
not among the 42 included in the book
The "rumble seat" for additional passengers or baggage is behind the front seat of this 1931 Ford
Model-A roadster.  The luggage rack is above the rear bumper on this model.  (Owner of this vintage
car was the late Karl "Bill" Mote of Spokane, Washington.)

Above photo illustrates Radioman, Chapter 2 ("Joining the Navy"), page 5
Source of Photo:  
Carol Edgemon Hipperson Collection;  Photo by Brian G. Hipperson
Above document Illustrates Radioman, Chapter 2 ("Joining the Navy"), page 12
       Source of Document:  Ray Daves Collection
Above photo Illustrates Radioman, Chapter 2 ("Joining the  Navy"), page 12
Source of Photo:  National Archives, arc #295639
In 1939, many U.S. Navy warships were based at San Diego, close to the Naval Training Station on
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                            RADIOMAN:  An Eyewitness Account of Pearl Harbor and WW II in the Pacific

Chapter 1. "The Tree Army"

Chapter 2:  "Joining the Navy"                                     current page, see photos above   

Chapter 3. "Basic Training"

Chapter 4.  "The Destroyer"

Chapter 5.  "Radio School"  

Chapter 6.  "The Cruiser"

Chapter 7.  "The Submarine Base"  

Chapter 8.  "The Attack on Pearl Harbor"

Chapter 9.  "Aftershocks"  

Chapter 10.  "The Submarine"   

Chapter 11.  "The Aircraft Carrier"   

Chapter 12.  "The Battle of Coral Sea"                 

Chapter 13.  "The Battle of Midway"                      

Chapter 14.  "Abandon Ship"    

Chapter 15.  "Rescued at Sea"  

Chapter 16.  "The Summer of '42"                        

Chapter 17.  "First Leave"                                     

Chapter 18.  "The Naval Research Laboratory"

Chapter 19.  "Cold Bay"      

Chapter 20.  "Kodiak"   

Chapter 21.  "Victory Days"

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