CAROL EDGEMON HIPPERSON is the author of The Belly Gunner, an eyewitness account of
Stalag 17 and World War II in Europe (Twenty-First Century Books/The Millbrook Press, 2001).

Radioman: An Eyewitness Account of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific,
                         (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press, 2008),
    also an annotated biography, is her second book in the field of military history.   

"The real story of what happens when America goes to war will never be found in the
memoirs of the politicians or the officers who planned and organized the battles.  It's in
the memories--and the nightmares--of the young men and women who fought them."   
                  ----  Carol Edgemon Hipperson                                                        

Full text of Hipperson's biography in Contemporary Authors 2010 is available at most American public and university libraries.

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Carol Edgemon Hipperson is the author of the highly acclaimed The Belly Gunner, based on a
series of interviews with an American combat veteran of World War II in the European Theater.  In
addition to other awards and distinctions,
The Belly Gunner was the Library of Congress's first
selection to the Veterans History Project reading list for all American schools.  

Radioman, Hipperson writes the history of the war years, 1936-1945, in the Pacific Theater, from
a Pearl Harbor Survivor's point of view.  
 Radioman was a selection of the History Book Club, the
Military Book Club, and Book of the Month Club II (BOMC2).  It has also been named to the list of
"standard works" in World War II history by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library.  
 A self-described farmer's daughter and rodeo queen, Carol was born and raised in Coulee City, a small town near
the Grand Coulee Dam in eastern Washington.  Following graduation from Washington State University with a
major in English and minor in History, she taught both subjects to grades 9-12 at Wilbur High School.  By the time
she received her Master's degree from Eastern Washington University, her interview-based articles had appeared
in several national magazines, including
New Woman and Brides.

Carol and her husband, attorney Brian G. Hipperson, reside in Spokane, Washington.  She says the next book in
her "American GI Series" will be the history of the war in Korea according to the memories of a Marine.  When she
is not reading military history (or riding horses), she is busy cataloging the books to be housed in the research
library of Honor Point, Spokane's future armed forces and aerospace museum.  

   Excerpt from Contemporary Authors
           (Detroit: Gale, 2010):   

   "If reading any of my books encourages readers to
begin asking for the memories of combat veterans in
their own families and neighborhoods, that is the
desired effect . . . ."
          Carol Edgemon Hipperson