From School Library Journal

"Gr 6-9-  . . . the narrative unfolds matter-of-factly with no pretense of grandeur or heroism.  The text takes up
little more than half the width of each page. The rest is devoted to side notes that explain terms, names, places,
and events that might be unfamiliar and are keyed by number to the narrative. Short paragraphs printed in blue
at the bottom of the pages link events in Aldrich's story with those happening elsewhere at the time and refer
readers to a month-by-month chronology of the war printed on the endpapers. Black-and-white photos show
Aldrich and his crew, a bombing mission, Stalag 17, medals, V-E Day, and more. The simple, deep-blue design
of the chapter headings adds to the elegance of this title. It deserves to be read."
                                                     Eldon Younce, Harper Elementary School, Kansas
                                                     Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
"When the subject is War, I think an American GI with combat experience is the best teacher of all."  --Carol Edgemon Hipperson
From Children's Literature

"More than five decades after he was shot down, Dale Aldrich
still had night terrors that left him awakened, cold and forced
to reflect on what war did to him. This outstanding, illustrated
book provides a vital look at one American serviceman's
experiences in a war that was one of the turning points of the
twentieth century."--
         Reviewed by Greg M. Romaneck
         Copyright © 2001
Children's Literature
                                              ALSO BY CAROL EDGEMON HIPPERSON

                               Radioman:  An Eyewitness Account of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific

                                                               (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press, 2008)
The Belly Gunner was the first book selected to the Library of Congress list of recommended
resources for students and teachers participating in the national
Veterans History Project.
From The California Center for the Book

"Basing her text on interviews with Dale Aldrich, a GI in World War II who flew
many missions over Nazi-occupied Europe and who was shot down and
imprisoned in a German POW camp, the author relates in the first person an
unusually readable and involving account of a true American hero.
Black-and-white photos, a map, timeline, and sidebar summaries effectively
complement the text."
"This is the human side of war and the reason it's such a great book for
young people.  The Belly Gunner shows that ordinary people can and do
live up to life's greatest challenges." --
                         Major General Paul W. Essex
                     United States Air Force, The Pentagon
". . . so realistic, I can feel it!  The detail is correct and just outstanding."--
                                 Jerry Gleesing
       B-24 Liberator Co-Pilot, American Ex-Prisoner of War
" . . . it fairly glows with authenticity. Correlating the timeline of
the war with The Belly Gunner's story must make this book
especially useful in the classroom." --
                         Patrick F. McManus  
                   Editor-at Large,
Outdoor Life        
Author of
The Grasshopper Trap and other NYT best sellers
       Bonus Photos for Radioman

       historic photos and documents
    NOT among the 42 included in the book.
                     From The New England Reading Association (NERA) Journal

"The book is well written and the table of contents and index allow it to be used for reference as well as read
throughout.  Informational notes explain unfamiliar terms in the text."