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  families and friends
of the World War II generation

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"Radioman is the best written biography of a World War II career I've ever read."  
                  Mal Middlesworth, National President, Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Inc.     
                                       Also by Carol Edgemon Hipperson

                                            THE BELLY GUNNER   

An Eyewitness Account of Stalag 17 and World War II in Europe

                                                                       (Twenty-First Century Books/Millbrook Press, 2001)
Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press, 2008
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Book of the Month Club (BOMC2)          
                 Doubleday Book Club
                     History Book Club
                     Military Book Club
" . . . a useful and informative introduction to
the world of enlisted men in a different era."

                     Newt Gingrich
          Former Speaker of the House
Days of Infamy
" . . . a survivor's tale that must not be forgotten.  Insights,
memories, and most importantly--lessons.  Never forget."

Vice Admiral John G. Morgan, Jr.
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations: Information/Plans/Strategy
                   United States Navy
                                                      More Radioman News:   

Radioman prompts 2010 Act of Congress
"In addition to witnessing the attack on Pearl Harbor, he saw
service on a destroyer, submarine, cruiser, aircraft carrier,
including the Battles of Coral Sea and Midway, and eventually
aviation duties in Alaska.  Truly not the usual war experiences of
a member of his generation."

                        Jack A. Green, Public Affairs Officer
                              The Naval Historical Center           
"Radioman is a compelling, action-filled story that moves quickly, while offering a
rich array of interpretive notes and timelines for great reflection and substance."

                                    Marsha Rooney, Curator of History
                                Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

"Fate put Ray Daves in the middle of several defining moments in United
States military history. In Carol Edgemon Hipperson's latest book we learn
of the sights, the sounds and even smells that Daves experienced during
his 6 years, 4 months, 17 days, sixteen hours, and forty-two seconds in the
US Navy.  Memories brought to life again in Hipperson's
Radioman."  --  

                                Tim Schurtter, Program Officer  
       Veterans History Project, Library of Congress
                              Media Report the Passing of the Radioman    
           Radioman includes Historical Notes, Timelines, Map & Photographs
  100+ additional photos not included in the book are here:    

      After high school students read Radioman and The Belly Gunner in class, this happens . . .

                                            Field Trip to Retirement Community